4Life products review

I must say that those products are one of my favorites. With all natural ingredients, they help you with overall health. Whether it is to lose some weight or gain some health, the 4Life products are a must. I've used the 4Life detox and have not experienced any bad side effects, like with other detox plans. Also the tea  has been an absolute lifesaver for me. It's very tasty (apple-cinnamon, very nice in the winter) and takes care of the gastrointestinal system.

I think I'm not any different then any other woman for needing to lose some pounds now and then (hello x-mas!!). It's just so much easier when you are feeling clean and because of all the waste being flushed out, you are very likely to have lost 3 to 5 pound prior to your weightlossplan.

I would love to hear your experience on 4Life Products!

Still going strong!!

Two days further and still going strong!! I feel already so much better and (maybe it's between my ears) so much cleaner and lighter. This morning I was 2 lbs lighter, which ofcourse is mostly waterweight and waste. Nevertheless, it's weight! Also started the vitamins from 4Life (just got them in the mail today) and if I'm feeling this great already.....who knows, I might start flying tomorrow! Ok now, lets not get too excited, it's only been two days.

Day 1 of my detox

Today I started with the detox 4Life. So far so good. I need to remind myself to drink frequently and to stay near the bathroom ;-). Two days ago I also started on the rawfood diet, just to prepare my body and that might contribute to me not feeling utterly grumpy and bloated. I hope to sleep well, because I have experienced some sleepless nights in the past with other detox products. But, again, maybe because of my good preperation I will sleep like a baby.
More updates in two days.......